10 Steps to a Semi-Homemade Masterpiece

10 Steps to a Semi-Homemade Masterpiece

When the supermarket run is the highlight of your morning, try this for an afternoon snack!

If you’re a typical New Yorker, you’ve probably spent more time in a grocery store this month than you did in all of 2019.
You also probably love Milk Bar.

Yesterday we celebrated M.’s birthday with a semi-homemade spin on a (now) classic style cake.
If you’re craving a messy, delicious, satisfying, and sweet way to pass the time, try my steps to a Lemon-Ginger “Naked Cake”

xx O.


Bake a lemon cake in two round pans according to the instructions on the box - amp it up with fresh lemon zest and lemon juice.

2 Make (or buy) cream cheese frosting: whip 1 stick butter + 1 bar cream cheese w/ powdered sugar + vanilla to taste.
3 Crush gingersnaps, chop candied ginger, remove the crust from a store bought cheesecake and whip the filling.
4  Add more fresh lemon zest + lemon juice to the cheesecake, add the chopped ginger. 
Revealing the Layers

Make cake crumbs according to this recipe, but replace half the flour with a bunch of crushed gingersnaps and skip the sprinkles.

6 Open a jar of lemon curd. Whisk in enough water to make it pourable. 
7 Dig out that ring mold and roll of acetate from the back of your cupboard.



Assemble the cake: run the acetate along the inside perimeter of the ring mold. Tape it in place. Put it on a cake plate.

9 Add a layer of cake, cut to fit inside the mold. Add a layer of lemon curd, then cheesecake mixture, then cake crumbs. Repeat once more, pressing together the scraps of cake edges to form the middle layer. Top it with the last nice layer of cake.
10 On top, spread cream cheese frosting and decorate with more cake crumbs. Remove the ring and refrigerate for as long as you can stand to. 


That’s it! Now it’s time to peel off that acetate and ENJOY with no more than 9 of your closest friends!

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