Small details, big impact.

Our mission is to make beautiful things that inspire you to live with peace and joy. We do this by giving extra special attention to the design elements that impact you the most: jewel-box linings, convertible inserts, lightness and simplicity rendered in exquisite materials.

There's a moment of calm whenever you reach inside an OM bag, your hand brushing against something soft and unexpected. It exists for your pleasure alone; just one of the dozens of small details that set our bags apart.

Purist Magazine

Sustainability | Authenticity | Community

Behind design inspiration and detailing, OM is a family business, a community business, a New York City business. 100% of our production and sourcing happens right here in Manhattan's Garment District. The Garment District has shrunk considerably in recent years as brands move their production overseas. And while it's not always the easiest or cheapest route, working exclusively in New York City is tremendously rewarding! 

It's more sustainable. Our raw materials and finished products don't go back and forth across oceans before they reach you. We work hard to find ecologically-tanned leathers that are already landed in New York City; and we don't waste them! Having a local workshop means that we can make what we need in a safe, sustainable production environment.

It's more authentic. If New York was a handbag it would have soul. It would be sleek, and quietly cool, and it would come to life by the collective effort of the diverse and talented people who call this city home. This is what we create, and when a design comes to life here it feels so much more authentic!

It builds community. From the first stitch to the final photo, we rely on dozens of people from within our community, and in turn, they rely on us. Our commitment to community is our ultimate mission; and we're so glad that community includes you!