OM NYC on the Powerhouse Women Podcast

OM NYC on the Powerhouse Women Podcast

Why being obsessed with exceptional quality and customer experience are everything, with Olympia Thomson.

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Lindsey Schwartz on her 5-star podcast, Powerhouse Women. Lindsey is an author and mentor who has dedicated her career to helping women access the knowledge, tools, and personal power they need in order to reach their goals in life and in business.  

In this episode Lindsey and I discuss the story behind OM NYC, how customer experience drives our decisions, and what it's like starting a business with your spouse! 

Lindsey's whole series is full of invaluable insights and relatable, actionable advice. It's a great resource to share with the Powerhouse Women in your life.

I hope you enjoy this episode and more!

xx. Olympia 

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