What's In My Bag: Annebet Duvall

What's In My Bag: Annebet Duvall

The celebrity stylist & creative director spills her bag and you'll never guess how she defines "preparedness."

Annebet Duvall is a Vogue veteran currently at the helm of her own creative agency, TRUE.STATE. She keeps extra busy styling celebrity clients and working on a forthcoming clothing label meets art studio called Family Out East.

In our inaugural installment of W.I.M.B., Annebet spills her OM Namespace...


"It's my forever favorite bag because it's edgy, unique, and low-key ultra luxurious. I look for this combination of qualities in everything that I bring into my life." 


Annebet Duvall spills her OM Namespace Bag


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I was headed to a shoot in Connecticut when I picked up this Christopher Pike novel from a library book exchange at the train station. I was obsessed with Christopher Pike in middle school and feeling nostalgic, so I thought I would give it another read. 

I alternate between carrying almost nothing and carrying everything. Fabric and trim for production, samples from my collection Family Out East, garment bags for shoots; you name it I haul it! One thing that's always on me is my custom monogrammed OM Long Wallet. When I'm lucky I walk out with nothing but my wallet and keys. I love the size of this wallet, it feels like a little clutch in my hand and holds everything perfectly.

Maybe the most important in-bag accessory right now is a chic hand sanitizer. I have an aversion to a lot of smells so this took some trial and error but bergamot by Noshinku is the clear winner. It not only looks pretty, it smells pretty too.
I'm a make-up minimalist, so my go-to items fit into this beaded pouch I got on a shoot in Mexico. Right now it's some highlighter and a lip gloss from Glossier. I also carry a tiny pair of scissors that I use when I need to illegally cut a fabric swatch at Mood
I like to be surrounded by things that hold meaning at all times - hence the little unicorn lip-gloss my husband gave me and the tiny grey pony that by BFF rescued for me. Above the pony is a silver engraved compact mirror that belonged to my grandmother, then my mother, and now me.
Resting on an embroidered handkerchief from my wedding, are my grillz. You just never know when you might need them. I like to be prepared.
I shoot everything I do on film so I ALWAYS have a least one disposable camera on me at all times. I just switched to a dark room in my neighborhood so the easy-access to developing will no doubt lead to many more cameras and much less space in my bag.

Always on hand is my favorite drink: Sakara Life Detox Tea. Again, the prepared thing.


I swap out my sunglasses regularly, but right now these Linda Farrow pink aviator sunglasses by The Attico are on constant repeat. 

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