OM leathers are selected for their durability, refinement, and luxurious hand-feel. Each of our products has undergone rigorous long-term quality testing. As such, you may enjoy your OM leather goods with great confidence.

It is always wise to use caution when wearing your leather goods around materials with an enhanced risk of dye color transfer. Materials such as unwashed denim and can leave dye deposits on your leather goods. In certain cases, your leather goods may be susceptible to transferring their own dyes, particularly if they are wet or have been exposed to extreme heat.

Long Term Care & Storage

Store your leather goods for extended periods of time in their accompanying dust bag with acid-free tissue paper inserts. Where possible, avoid storing your leather goods in a sealed box; the leather will better retain its suppleness if it is permitted to breathe. Always store leather goods in a temperature controlled environment.

In most cases, special leather conditioning should not be necessary. If you feel that your leather goods would benefit from a conditioning treatment, we recommend that you contact us or consult with a leather care professional prior to applying any products to the leather.