OM NYC was founded by Olympia and Michael Thomson, a wife + husband team inspired by Michael’s dream to build bags with magical interiors.  


A line of thoughtfully constructed leather accessories that are at once classically minimal and exceptionally luxurious. We take our inspiration from the sleek, functional approach to dressing that defines New York style. Wearing OM means never having to choose between uptown chic and downtown cool.


New York City.
Each item is constructed individually and by hand in our Garment District workshop using materials sourced from local suppliers. This supports the community around us, and it means that our bags and their components are crafted slowly and with great care.


We made our first sample bags in 2015 (and paper and felt mock-ups before that!).
The process taught us that making an heirloom takes time. Behind every design is years of continuous wear-testing and the confidence that it will maintain its beauty and integrity.  

Building a Bag


To get you grounded.
We know you don’t always have time to seek out tiny pleasures and peace of mind, so we baked them into your everyday accessories.

How, you ask?

By turning inward.
OM bags are lined like secret jewel boxes: bright, vibrant colors for your eyes, captivating softness for your hand, and convenient organizational integrations to ease your mind. Together, these details create an escape for the senses—your own beautiful, compact world to help you through the hustle.

When we ask ourselves what true luxury means today, the words we think of are: time, space, connection, and care. Wouldn’t you like to feel that each time you reach inside your bag?