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What's In My (Hospital) Bag: Olympia Thomson

Our family business is about to grow by +1 baby girl, and I've packed a light (and extra special) hospital bag with a few of my favorite feel-good things.
My parents stopped for a photo outside of the hospital when they were bringing me home. The three of us were all gussied up, proud and puffy-eyed. It was the '80s and leggings were still busy plotting their diabolical explosion from group exercise class into mainstay all-occasion wear.  But beyond a sign of the times, I think dressing for this moment conveyed just how much it meant to my parents. I grew up studying that photo, imagining how I might look (and feel) like them someday.
It's the reason why a smart, easy dress and an extra special bag will be the most important items on my maternity packing list (you really can trust the hospital to have everything you'll need for a brief stay). Instead of loading up on comfort supplies and snacks, I've filled my bag with the items that I rely on to help me feel like my best self!
Olympia Thomson - What's In My Bag
This bag makes my heart sing! There's just nothing like it - the leather we used was a rare vintage find and this feels like the right occasion to mix old and new.  A little history and experience go a long way to soften unfamiliar territory.
I'm bringing a menu of herbal teas, like chamomile, ginger, "Nightly Calm," and "Mother's Milk." I took a cup of tea to bed most nights when Sybil was newborn. Instant relaxation!
Michael and I created the first Jeffy Clutch prototype for our 2017 wedding. It had to be over the top, so we lined it in white rabbit fur. I turned the leftovers into an equally over the top receiving blanket. I can't wait to use it again. This time it's seasonally appropriate!
One perk of expecting another girl is already having most of what we need. Still, it was so nice to receive a special new layette from a dear friend. We'll bring baby home in this adorable pilot hat and luscious kimono style set from Makié (pictured below).
I'm packing simple toiletries like face wipes, mist, and a travel deodorant, plus a tiny tube of hand cream and an even tinier nail file. This is not the time to risk a maddening hangnail!
Makeup wise I'm easy: a tinted moisturizer, clear brow gel (I buy the first one I see at the drug store), and the one-swipe trick of Benefit's Roller Lash Mascara.
This (everlasting) hairbrush and comb have always ranked high on my list of "beauty products." 
The Divine line from L'Occitane and Weleda's body oils are a sure way to extend the pregnancy glow; bonus points for their excellent aromatherapy.
My first frantic words after Sybil's birth were, "are my eyes okay?!?" I was legitimately convinced that I had lost them along the way. This time I'm packing a lavender eye pillow to give my "matia" some much deserved TLC...and on that note...
These little peppermint towelettes from Herban Essentials are a potent refreshment! I'll rub them around my collarbone or ankles when I need a cooling zing.
...packing light doesn't mean that I can't bring something frivolous, like this evil eye (aka mati) talisman from Coral & Tusk. Better safe than sorry ;) 
I'm bringing along my most loved perfume, something I wear when I want to create a special memory.
A button down nightshirt to sleep in and Sybil's generous contribution: her own My First Bunny. Ready to go!


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