Step inside our Holiday Trunk show at Bergdorf Goodman

This December we had the pleasure of hosting a special holiday trunk show at New York City’s most magical department store. There’s no place like Berdgorf’s (especially at Christmastime) and the proof is in the pictures!

Trunk Show Invitation


Michael with our Display

Snake skin and caviar on display

The three day long show corresponded with Bernard Maisner’s 15th Annual Holiday Appearance!
Bernard was on hand to add calligraphic personalizations to his extraordinary stationery.

Custom Name GIF
Bernard Maisner with fans

To complement the stationery, we showcased many of the designs from our OM with Bernard Maisner collection.

The leather embossings on each piece are individually placed by a New York-based artisan. We use hulking machines to get the job done, even for the tiniest of butterflies! The machinery is ancient, a challenge to calibrate, and dangerously HOT, but that’s the way it’s done. Embossing is a technology that hasn’t really evolved in the last hundred+ years. There’s nothing digital about it, and for that, each imprint is a work of art!

Beautiful Bag display at Bergdorf Goodman

We’re so glad that you visited our Bergdorf’s trunk show, whether in person or right here at @OMNYC…

Linda Fargo's Laudree Macarons

…what, you didn’t think we’d wrap this up without a gilded macaron from Linda’s at BG, did you?!

Photographed at Bergdorf Goodman
incl. several of our signature pieces, available to shop here.

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