What's In My Bag: Laura Gelfand

What's In My Bag: Laura Gelfand

The glittery girl-boss behind Le Lion knows exactly how to embellish her everyday carry.

Laura Gelfand is the founder of Le Lion, a collection of customizable sweaters and knitwear that celebrate everything from your zodiac sign to your own pet's portrait. Like the OM bag she carries, each of Laura's designs are built upon layers of tiny sparkly details. The effect: a personal heirloom that's as wearable as it is whimsical!


What's in Laura's Bag


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On the outside this bag has great modern lines and a super rich texture, but it's the inside that got me.
It's like a disco ball. It makes me want to dance every time I look inside!


I don't travel quite as much as I used to but I can't get away from carrying lots of uplifting little potions that make me feel fresh and at home...
My favorites are these from La MerDiptyqueelizabethW, Mario Badescu, and Bastide. The silvery trimmed out pouch that came with my bag is the perfect place to stash them all.
Feret makes a great natural lip balm that is simple and inexpensive. It's full of honey and dandelion; a Winter must that reminds me of the coming Spring.
I started my career in fashion at Ralph Lauren, where this pink alligator card case came from. Now it holds my Le Lion business cards. It's a special reminder of where that experience has led me. 
Most days I'm a makeup minimalist. A concealer and lip from Giorgio Armani are all it takes.
I'm using a mini Le Lion lavender sachet as a bag charm! These little Liberty print sachets ship with our sweaters and help to keep moths away.
Last March we started making face masks at Le Lion. They come in lots of different Liberty prints and the elastic is our signature glitter ribbon. It's hard to believe Le Mask is almost a year old!
I love to collect small accessories with big personality. I use this DVF zip case to hold headphones and chargers.

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